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Review of the Winner Men’s Luxury Semi-Mechanical Skeleton Watch

Inexpensive but often intriguing Chinese timepieces.

Winner Skeleton Watch


I purchased this timepiece through a vendor called ‘Light in the box’. It cost less than a package of cigarettes and, provided I was willing to wait, shipped for free. I was willing to wait.

The watch arrived the next month, adequately wrapped in bubble-wrap and shoved inside a plastic envelope.

Light in the Box’s description is poor. They portray this watch as semi-mechanical, quartz and automatic. There is no place to insert a battery so, obviously, this timepiece is not quartz. I examined the movement to determine what sort of mechanism was used to power the watch.

The mainspring of an automatic watch is wound by taking advantage of the user’s arm movements. This motion swings a weight—the technical term is rotor—back and forth. The rotor is firmly attached to a staff which is connected to a ratcheted winding mechanism. The purpose of this mechanism is to tighten the mainspring. If you own a good automatic watch and wear it every day, the timepiece will never need to be hand wound.

Normally you can hear the rotor swing when you shake an automatic watch. In this case I couldn’t. Neither could I observe the weight when I glanced through the transparent cover. This a not an automatic watch.

Decent inexpensive automatic watches are available. Check out my review of the Aatos G-ThosBrBrBr or the Jaragar JJS008 for further information.

The Manufacturer

Winner is a division of the Guangzhou Ruixue Watch Company Limited. (Forsining watch company limited). Their manufacturing plant is located in GuangZhou China and their watches are marketed under the brand names, Forsining, Winner and Jaragar.


Brand: Winner

Condition: New without tags

Part number: 387588

Gender: Men’s

Display: Analog

Movement: Mechanical hand wind

Style: Skeleton

Features: Hollow engraving

Band material: Polyurethane

Case material: Steel

Case diameter: 4.4 cm

Case thickness: 1.1 cm

Weight: 55 gm (including band)

Water resistance: Not specified but probably minimal

Left Side of Watch

Right Side of Watch

Back of Watch

Visual Appeal

The case is well designed; two toned and covered on each side with a transparent acrylic face. The movement can be examined from either the front or the back, ensuring an excellent view of the inner workings of the watch. The hands are coated with luminous paint which provides illumination throughout short periods of darkness. The dial is nicely engraved and the numbers used to indicate the time are composed of Roman numerals.


I wore this watch for a day to check for comfort and to assure myself that the time could be quickly and easily ascertained despite the busy background. Then I stored in on a shelf for two weeks, winding it twice daily. At the end of this period I set it to my computer clock and tested the unit for three days. At the end of its test cycle I found that the watch had lost one minute. This is a reasonable result considering the cost of this timepiece. You keep this thing wound and it will look after you.


I did not disassemble this watch but the movement does appear to be jeweled. Although I could easily adjust the time I noticed an inordinate amount of play in the crown whilst doing so. The strap is composed of Polyurethane which looks like leather but lacks durability. This watch is intended as a gift so I did not subject it to shock and water resistance tests.

Back Lit View of Watch

Overall Impression

This Winner mechanical watch has a lot going for it. The price is right; the timepiece keeps good time and is visually appealing. It is comfortable on the wrist. The large crown ensures the watch can be easily wound and, because of the ‘see through’ design, this timepiece will attract attention.

The hands and dial of this watch are both colored gold. While visually appealing, it is difficulty to determine the time at a glance.

This watch has worked well throughout the short period I have owned it. Having said this, I do not expect it to anywhere near as durable as my much more expensive Seiko. This Winner should not be your serious everyday timepiece. It’s a cool watch though; one that will be fun to show off during the weekends. Recommended for casual use.


I’ve owned this watch for at year. The band shows wear and, if I’d been wearing this timepiece consistently, would have required replacement by now. Accuracy is unchanged, the watch looks good and it is still a pleasure to wear.

Winner Classic Skeleton Watch



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