Tips to buy a watch online

Tips to buy a watch online

The top problem to buy a watch online is that you cannot see and try the watch yourself. To maximally avoid the trouble of refunding, you need to know several tips to find the perfect watch. There are 5 key aspects you should know before paying for a watch online.

Watch Case Diameter:Watch case is the most obvious and notable parameter of a watch, the best watch case diameter shall fit your wrist perfectly. A man’s watch case is around 38-46mm, please measure the circumference of your wrist carefully. If it’s 6-7 inches, that means a small watch which ranged from 38mm to 42mm suits you the best. Else if it’s as large as 7.5-8 inches, that means your wrist is more proportional with larger case of 44-48mm. Try to ensure the case diameter of your wrist before picking a watch.

Watch case thickness:Make sure the case thickness matches the watch case diameter you choose. For a 38-42mm case, the watch case thickness shall be around 7mm. For larger case which is up to 42mm and more, a 9mm watch in thickness is more fitted. The rule of choose watch case thickness is, the larger case diameter the thicker watch case shall be.

Watch band width:This is another parameter which is determined by the watch case diameter you choose. Most watches are designed with suited watch case diameter and band width. However, as there is no general rule in watch design, you can still make a choice between smaller band width and wider band width with the same case diameter. Try to choose the band width according to the style you want, a wider band makes your style wilder and masculine, in the contrary, a smaller band is more gentle and elegant.

Watch band material:Watch band material may be the most obvious appearance of a watch to show its style. Leather band gives your watch a slimmer look and fits casual dress the best. Mental band will makes your watch larger and heavier. For larger wrist, a mental band is the primary for a man. My advice is you should have more than one watch to fit your dress.

Watch details:The last step is to choose watch details including size of numbers, lug size, the pusher and the changer. As these components grow in size and thickness it gives the illusion of a larger watch. This can cause watches on men with smaller wrists to appear to be out of proportion, especially combined with any of the elements mentioned above. The key is to balance your watch details with the overall style of your watch. However, there is always an exception, it’s better to have the unique watch details you preferred than following dozens of rules, just make sure the watch detail style isn’t way too discordant.